Library Services

Library Services on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and STIs

The Education + Resource Centre at the Alfred is a statewide resource centre on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmissible Infections for the Victorian community. We can provide a wide variety of up-to-date information, with resources ranging from easy to read patient literature to technical research for health professionals. We support research within Victoria by providing a librarian to assist with literature searches, current journal contents alerts and document delivery.


What information can you obtain from the Centre?:

  • basic and in-depth information on each infection/virus
  • living well
  • treatment and care, including complementary therapies
  • support services
  • current research
  • prevention of infection
  • education


  • Brochures and fact sheets
  • Journal articles, books, reports, newsletters
  • DVDs and multimedia
  • Posters
  • Teaching kits and information for schools

Library hours:

Contact us by phone on (03) 9076 6993 or email with subject enquiries.

  • Resource Centre: appointments available Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am- 4:30pm

  • Telephone Contact Hours: (03) 9076 6993  Monday - Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm

We have archived our library book collection but have a range of brochures available to be freely taken in small quantities. For larger orders, please contact us in advance.


The Virtual Library :

The Centre offers the services of a qualified medical librarian to all those within Victoria involved in research in the fields of HIV, Hepatitis and STI's. This service is supplied entirely by email contact.

Journal contents alert service:

The ERC provides an email alerts service covering new journal articles currently published in the fields of HIV, Hepatitis or STIs. This may assist health care professionals to provide up-to-date evidence based practice within each field.

To be eligible to receive this service you must work within the Health or Community Sectors and have a professional interest in HIV, Hepatitis or STIs. Sign the form at the link below and email or fax to us.

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Literature searches:

Need assistance with literature searches for information for projects or case work? Email us an outline of your subject. Contact the ERC librarian to find out more.

Document delivery:

The ERC has access to a comprehensive range of online journals and publications on HIV, Hepatitis and STI's. For those doing research within Victoria and finding references to articles of interest but are unable to access full text, email our librarian and once you register as a library member, we will source these free of charge for you.